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 BANDOH Tomino, amateure dancer, performing "Princess Yaegaki" by the "Honcho-Nijuhshikoh" in this picture. April, 1996

 Welcome to the world of Japanese dance. Some people say that Japanese dance and the "Kabuki" look alike. Yes, in some cases they are identical, because some of the Japanese dances are played also in the Kabuki theatre. The difference between these arts is; by dancing, elegance is the most important matter, meanwhile in Kabuki, story is its value.
 There are many dance groups in Japan. Tomino is a member of the Bandoh group, which is one of the biggest groups. Some of our group play in Kabuki theatre.
 In this web-site we show you pictures of clasic dancing with beautiful Kimono-costumes, presented by Bandoh Tomino.

[Biography of Bandoh Tomino]
[Dance 1. On-na-da-te]
[Dance 2. Meoto-Dohjohji]
[Dance 3. Renjishi]
[Dance 4. Oshimu-Haru]
[Dance 5. Honcho-Nijushikoh]
[Dance 6. Yagura-no-Oshichi]
[Dance 7. Omitsu-Kyouran]
[Dance 8. Shuchaku-Jishi]


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