Since August 19 2002

How to get Stevie Ray Vaughan's Sound

Stevie Ray Vaughan is still cool ! I try to reach his El Mocambo Live Sound.

Amp Section : Building Vibroverb clone (Vibroclone)
I had a chance to play with Mint 1964 Vibroverb and I eagerly wanted to have it. But it was too expensive for me.(\600,000). So, I decided to build Vibroverb clone by myself.
Pedal Effects Section
TS-9 Modification Novice TS-9 Reissue to TS-808
I thought I should have Ibanez Tube Screamer to emulate Stevie Ray's sound, so I bought brand new TS-9. But it sounds different from 'that' sound. I decided to modify it with using NOS Operational Amp.
TS-9 Modification Advanced "Texas Blood Special" The Secret of Original TS-9
Replacing Operational amp and resistors catch only 70% of original TS-9. I investigated 1982 original TS-9 and I knew its secret.
Analyzing original TS-808
TS-9 modification advanced can reach the original TS-9 sound. However it is still different from the 1981 original TS-808. So, I tried to analyze the secret of the original TS-808.
VOX V847 MOD : Get the Vintage Italian V846 Sound!

My friend Kevin sent a photo of Stevie Ray's grave stone to me.

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