TS-9 Modification Novice TS-9 Reissue to TS-808

I bought an Ibanez TS-9 because I knew Stevie Ray used Ibanez TS-9 tube screamer. However, that sound was really different from Stevie's sound. So, I investigated about TS-9 on many web site. Then, I knew the one I bought was reissued TS-9 and a original TS-9 has a different OP amp. They say the OP amp is important for TS-9's sound character. I bought 1980's NOS OP amp and I started to modify my reissued TS-9.

Ibanez TS-9 was released at early 1980s as the successor to TS-808. Original TS-808 and TS-9 are very expensive recently since it is famous that Stevie Ray used TS-808 and TS-9. The price for a TS-808 is around \80,000 and a original TS-9 is around \40,000. Original TS-9 and TS-808 have the same OP amp (Operational amplifier) JRC's 4558D. Only two resistors' value on output stage are different between TS-808 and TS-9.

We can buy brand new reissued TS-9, however it has another OP amp and the sound is really different from original TS-9. I think reissued TS-9 sound is good enough for some ohter music but can not reach Stevie Ray sound.

The OP amp, JRC 4558D was the most popular parts around early 1980s. They were on almost Japanese sounding product such as alarm clock, radio, toy keyboard. JRC 4558D might be used for TS-9 because it was very cheap (might be about \15). Japanese company name JRC was changed their name to NJM and their factory was moved from Japan to south east Asia. So we can not get the same sound from current version of NJM4558D or JRC4558D. Reissued JRC 4558D sounds completely different from 1980s' JRC4558D.

1980s' JRC4558 has smooth shiny surface and only 4 digit serial number like the photo left side. Reissued JRC4558D has 4 digit number and 1 alphabet. Sellers for reissued JRC4558D on the auction say "Reissued JRC4558D is identical to original JRC4558D". I don't think so !

Now I modify reissued TS-9 to reach Stevie Ray sound with using NOS JRC4558D.

TS-808 MOD actual work