Amp Section: Building Vibroverb clone

Stevie Ray played Fender Blackface Vibroverb (1963-1964) mainly. Blackface Vibroverb is a rare item now and it's difficult to find mint Vibroverb. The price is around $3,500 or \500,000. I had a chance to play with Vintage Vibroverb and that's awesome!!! I wanted to buy it but it's too expensive. So, I decided to build a clone amp.

Blackface Vibroverb was produced since 1963 until 1964. The concept of 1x15" speaker combo might not be successful in those days.

What is Vibroverb clone?

Many people in US build Vibroverb clones. So I checked how to build it and I knew Blackface Vibroverb clone could be built by modifying Silverface Bandmaster Reverb. Blackface Vibroverb has a push-pull 6L6GC circuit AB763. 1968-1969 Silverface Bandmaster Reverb has AA768 circuit which has same chassis, almost the same parts as Vibroverb.
Modifying 1968-1969 Silverface Bandmaster Reverb (BMR) to blackface, putting it to a cabinet for restore, getting a JBL 15" D130F, then I obtain the Vibroverb sound !!

I try to reach the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Vibroverb modified by Cesar Diaz

I replace the output transformer with Twin Reverb's one which is the way of Cesar Diaz to recover original's thin sound. I also replace damaged old caps with new caps. And I use the vintage JBL speaker which was used by early era SRV. Original Vibroverb had JBL D130F and the speaker of Stevie's Vibroverb was replaced with JBL K130 or E130 someday. Late SRV might use EV 15" speaker.

I studied by Texasflood MLFAQ
We can get any information from the FAQ such as string height, pickup height..
Also I studied by Cesar Diaz long interview.

This is my Bible to know all about Fender Vintage tube amps. "Gerald Weber's desktop reference of hip vintage guitar amps"

How much does it cost?

$400-$500 for BMR on the auction, $150-$250 for JBL D130F, Cabinet and hardware are about $500, Twin Reverb output transformer $100-120, and for other electric parts $100. Total cost is around $1,400-$1,500. It's not expensive comparing with the original Vibroverb !

Ordering parts

Transformer MOJO Musical Supply, New Sensor Company
Carbon composite resitor, caps, books Hoffman Tube Amplifier
Cabinet, tube charts Rodgers Amps
Wires, othersVibroworld
Tubes The Tube Store

I got Bandmaster Reverb and JBL D130F

I won 1970 BMR on the auction. The circuit number was not the best AA768 but AA270. I had to work a lot but it was recaped already. I could save money. I also obtained a JBL 130F which was mounted on 1972 Vibrosonic(1x15 100W amp).

How to build Vibroverb clone