10465/ブルース ヌビア・アビシニア紀行 地図・図版編 仏訳版 銅版図版多数入 図版4葉欠
BRUCE(James)/VOYAGE EN NUBIE ET EN ABYSSINIE, ENTREPRIS POUR DECOUVRIR LES SOURCES DU NIL, Pendang le annees 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, & 1773./Paris, Hotel de Thou,/1790/30.5cm, 4 folding maps, 19 double-page & 58 engravings, 4 plates lack (tom.1: 1-3, tom.5: 41), wrappers damaged./216,000円

10466/コロンブス研究 第1次航海の資料
COLUMBUS(Christopher), HENIGE(David P.)/IN SEARCH OF COLUMBUS, the Sources for the First Voyage./Tucson, Univ. of Arizona,/1991/xiii 359p., 23.5cm, cloth, d.j./3,240円

10467/ウィルフォード コロンブスの航海の謎と伝説
COLUMBUS(Christopher), WILFORD(J. N.)/THE MYSTERIOUS HISTORY OF COLUMBUS, an Exploration of the Man, the Myth, the Legacy./New York, Knopf,/1991/xiii 318p., 24cm, a map, illus., boards, d.j./3,240円

10468/クック提督航海記及び伝記 ハクルート版 本篇5冊揃(図版篇欠)
COOK(James), BEAGLEHOLE(J.C.)(ed.)/THE JOURNALS OF CAPTAIN JAMES COOK ON HIS VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY./Cambridge, Hakluyt Society,/1968 - 74/4 vols in 5., 24cm, plates, cloth, d.j., Portfolio (charts & views) lack./162,000円

10469/ミュアー キャプテン・クックの生涯と偉業
COOK(James), MUIR(John Reid)/THE LIFE AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF CAPTAIN JAMES COOK, Explore, Navigator, Surveyor and Physician./London, Blackie,/1939/310p., 22cm, 16 plates, illus., blue cloth./5,400円

10470/コックス 旅行記文学書誌目録(2)(3) 全3巻の内2冊
COX(E.G.)/A REFERENCE GUIDE TO THE LITERATURE OF TRAVEL, vol.2: New World, vol.3: Great Britain./Cambridge, Univ. of Washington,/n.d./2 vols. (of 3)., reprint ed., vii 591p., ix 732p., 23.5cm, red cloth./14,040円

FIALA(A.)/FIGHTING THE POLAR ICE./New York, Doubleday Page,/1906/first ed., xxii 296p., 26cm, photos, illus., a map, cloth, gilt top./10,800円

10472/コロンブス以降の旅行・航海記全集 全28冊 折込地図他銅版図版多数入
A GENERAL COLLECTION OF VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, including the most Interesting Records of Navigators and Travellers, from Discovery of America, by Columbus, in 1492, to the Travels of Lord Valentia./London, Sherwood,/1813/28 vols., ca. 350p. each, 17.5cm, 18 folding maps, 81 folding & 51 plates, boards, rebound./194,400円

10473/ゴルダー ベーリング海域調査航海記録 全2冊 折込地図入
GOLDER(F.A.)/BERING'S VOYAGES, an Account of the Efforts of the Russians to Determine the Relation of Asia and America./New York, American Geographical Society,/1922/2 vols., x 371p., xi 290p., 19.5cm, plates & maps, grey cloth./10,800円

10474/ゴードン 北極周辺探検
GORDON(W.J.)/ROUND ABOUT THE NORTH POLE./London, Murray,/1907/first ed., xii 294p., 23.5cm, maps & plates, cloth faded./9,720円

10475/ハーバシャム 北太平洋岸調査航海記 銅版・木刻図版及び挿絵入 原装幀
HABERSHAM(A.W.)/MY LAST CRUISE, Where We Went and What We Saw. An Account of Visit to the Malay and Loo-Choo Islands, the Coasts of China, Formosa, Japan, Kamtschtka, Siberia, and the Mouth of the Amoor River./Philadelphia, Lippincott,/1878/507p., 22.5cm, engravings, wood-engraved illus., green cloth./54,000円

10476/ハーバシャム 北太平洋岸調査航海記 銅版・木刻図版他挿絵入 改装幀 落丁有 図書館廃棄本
HABERSHAM(A.W.)/MY LAST CRUISE, Where We Went and What We Saw. An Account of Visit to the Malay and Loo-Choo Islands, the Coasts of China, Formosa, Japan, Kamtschtka, Siberia, and the Mouth of the Amoor River./Philadelphia, Lippincott,/1878/507p., 22.5cm, engravings, wood-engraved illus., a leaf lack(p.335/336), half calf, ex-library copy./37,800円

10477/ケリー編 オーストラリア探検・紀行記集 ハクルート叢書 揃2冊
Hakluyt Society, KELLY(Celsus)(ed.)/LA AUZTRIALIA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO. The Hakluyt Society, second series: No.126,127./Cambridge U.P.,/1966/2 vols., xvii, xv 446p., 22.5cm, 12 plates, cloth, d.j./9,720円

10478/ルー編 ビショップ船長北西米国海岸航海誌 ハクルート叢書
Hakluyt Society, ROE(Michael)(ed.)/THE JOURNAL AND LETTERS OF CAPTAIN CHARLES BISHOP on the North-West coast of America, in the Pacific and in new South Wales 1794-1799. The Hakluyt Society, second series, No.131./London,/1967/lvi 341p., 22cm, a map, cloth. d.j. /5,400円

10479/カートレット 世界周航記 ハクルート叢書 揃2冊
Hakluyt Society, WALLIS(Helen)(ed.)/CARTERET'S VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD 1766-69. The Hakluyt Society, second series, No.124, 125./Cambridge U.P.,/1965/2 vols., xii vi 564p., 22.5cm, 15 plates, 5 maps, cloth, d.j./9,720円

10480/ハイム ペルーの自然と民族観察紀行
HEIM(Arnold)/WUNDERLAND PERU, Naturerlebnisse./Bern, Huber,/1948/first ed., 301p., 24cm, photos. & illus., a map, green cloth./3,240円

10481/ハイム チリ・アルゼンチン・ボリビアの自然と民族観察紀行
HEIM (Arnold)/SUDAMERIKA. Naturerlebnisse auf Reisen in Chile, Argentinen und Bolivien./Bern, Huber,/1953/218p., 24cm, photos. & illus., 2 maps, cloth, d.j./3,240円

10482/イデス 中央アジア3年の旅 折込銅版地図他銅版図版入
IDES(Evert Ysbrants)/THREE YEARS TRAVELS FROM MOSCOW OVER-LAND TO CHINA, thro' Great Ustiga, ... to Peking to which is annex'd an accurate description of China./London, W. Freeman,/1706/first English ed., 210p., 24.5cm, a engraved folding map & 30 plates, calf, rebacked./324,000円

10483/ケイン 第2次グリンネル北極探険記 全2冊 初版 銅版画21葉入
KANE(Elisha Kent)/ARCTIC EXPLORATONS, theSecond Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853-55./Philadelphia,/1856/first ed., 464p. 467p., 23cm, 21 engravings, 2 folding maps, illus., cloth./43,200円

10484/ナイト 近代航海術 改訂第3版
KNIGHT(Austin M.)/MODERN SEAMANSHIP./London, Kegan Paul,/1905/third revised ed., xii 428p., 24cm, 136 full-page plates, blue cloth./16,200円

10485/コッツェブー 南太平洋・ベーリング海峡航海記 蘭訳初版 全3冊
KOTZEBUE(O. von)/ONTDEKKINGSREIS IN DE ZUID-ZEE, en naar de Berings-Straat, in de jaren 1815, 1816, 1817 en 1818./Amsterdam, . van der Hey,/1822/3 vols., first Dutch ed., viii 428p. vi 492p. iv 413p., 22cm, 6 charts, 3 hand-coloured folding portraits, a folding illus., 2 title-page illus. & a hand-coloured butterfly, boards backed calf rubbed, a leaf repaired./410,400円

10486/リンクレーター チャレンジャー号航海記 日本記述含む
LINKLATER(Eric)/THE VOYAGE OF THE CHALLENGER./London, Murray,/1972/288p., 25.5cm, illus., cloth, d.j./5,400円

10487/リビングストン博士の生涯と探検 色刷含む石版図版20葉入 革装幀
LIVINGSTONE (David)/THE LIFE AND EXPLORATIONS OF DAVID LIVINGSTONE, LL.D./London, Adam,/1874/viii 632p., 31.5cm, a chromo-lithographed title-page, 19 lithographs, illustrated black morocco, full gilt./48,600円

10488/リビングストン博士の生涯と探検 改訂増補版 色刷石版図版46葉入 装幀補修
LIVINGSTONE (David)/THE LIFE AND EXPLORATIONS OF DAVID LIVINGSTONE, LL.D./London, Adam,/ca. 1875/2 vols. in 1., revised & enlarged ed., v 973p., 27cm, 46 chromo-lithographs, half calf repaired./37,800円

10489/ルボック 米国東洋貿易船史
LUBBOCK(Basil)/THE DOWN EASTERS, the American Deep-water Sailing Ships, 1869-1929./Glasgow, Brown,/1930/xvi 285p., 25cm, plates & illus., cloth./6,480円

10490/ミシュレ 海の歴史 英訳版 石版図版9葉入
MICHELET(Jules)/THE SEA./London, Nelson,/1875,/334p., 25cm, 9 lithographs, illustrated cloth, full gilt./10,800円

10491/ノルデンショルド ヴェガ号欧亜大陸周航記 英訳版 全2冊
NORDENSKIOLD(A.E.)/THE VOYAGE OF THE VEGA ROUND ASIA AND EUROPE, with a Historical Review of Previous Journeys along the North Coast of the Old World./London, Macmillan,/1881/2 vols., xxv 524p., xvii 482p., 23.5cm, 10 folding maps, 5 portraits, illus., green cloth./43,200円

10492/オリファント ロシア黒海沿岸探検記 初版 地図欠
OLIPHANT(Laurence)/THE RUSSIAN SHORES OF THE BLACK SEA IN THE AUTUMN OF 1852, with a Voyage Down the Volga, and a Tour through the Country of the Don Cossacks./Edinburgh, Blackwood,/1853/first ed., xii 366p., 23cm, lithographed frontisp., illus., a map lack, rown cloth rubbed, spine damaged./12,960円

10493/ルゴフ 偉大なる探検家達(2)欧州・南北米大陸・極地等
RUGOFF(Milton)(ed.)/THE GREAT TRAVELLERS, a Collection of Firsthand Narratives ... vol. 2./New York, Simon & Schuster,/1960/xi 496p.(p.489-984), 24cm, illus., boards./4,320円

10494/サンス 最初の世界周航者エルカノ伝
SANZ(C.) /JUAN SEBASTIAN ELCANO, Autentico Protagonista de la Primera Vuelta Alrededor del Mundo./Madrid,/1973,/98p., 24.5cm, 45 plates, wrappers./4,320円

STAMMERS(Michael K.)/THE PASSAGE MAKERS./Sussex, Teredo,/1978/xx 508p., 25cm, 21 plates, illus., cloth, d.j./10,800円

10496/タヴェルニエ 6回の大旅行記集 第2部 英訳版 折込日本地図他図版入 装幀補修 線引・落丁有 図書館廃棄本
TAVERNIER(John Baptista)/THE SIX TRAVELS OF JOHN BAPTISTA TAVERNIER, Baron of Aubonne, Through Turky and Persia to the Indies, During the Space of Forty Years, part 2./London, J.P.,/1684/214p. 113p. 146p. 66p. 56p., 29.5cm, a folding map of Japan lined, 2 folding plates lined, 12 plates, illus., lack p.31-32 of India, p.43-46 & 49-50 of Tunquin, half calf repaired, ex-library copy./194,400円

10497/ウィンチェスター 世界の船及び航海の驚異 全2冊
WINCHESTER(C.)(ed.)/SHIPPING WONDERS OF THE WORLD, a Saga of the Sea in Story and Picture./London, Fleetway House,/ca. 1936/2 vols., 1764p., 28cm, plates, illus., blue cloth./9,720円