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Japanese atomic bomb survivors and scientists join Faslane 365 Blockade on July 25-26


News Advisory: July 21, 2007


On July 25-26, a group of Japanese citizens, including atomic bomb survivors (eHibakushaf) from Nagasaki, will be taking part in a peaceful blockade of the Trident nuclear base at Faslane, Scotland. Bringing water from the Peace Park at the Nagasaki bombfs ground zero, origami cranes and other symbols of life and peace, the Japanese group hopes to persuade the Scottish and British governments not to deploy or renew the Trident nuclear weapon system.


Mitsugu Moriguchi, who experienced the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki when he was nine years old, explained why it was important for him to join the Faslane 365 protests: gDeploying and preparing to use this nuclear weapon is to prepare to commit mass murder. Immediate renunciation of nuclear weapons would be an act of humanity and responsible power, which will greatly contribute to the future and well-being of all humankind. I sincerely hope this will be the decision of the UK government.h


Shinya Moriguchi, aged 30, said: gI was born in Nagasaki. My father survived the atomic bombing. The UKfs decision on whether or not to renew the Trident system is not only a British matter, but will influence proliferation and insecurity around the world. I wish the UK to make a wise and rational decision and pioneer the road to nuclear abolition, which would make this world safer.h


Several members of the delegation are professors, scientists and teachers. Yoshiko Sakai, a retired quantum chemist, said she was geager for Britain to be the first country that has the honour of  abolishing nuclear weaponsh. Physics professor Kouichi Toyoshima added, gAs a member of the scientific community, I feel itfs my duty to make every effort to eliminate all such weapons from the world, since the scientists of today must take over the responsibility of our predecessors.h


Kohei Ueyama from Hiroshima (aged 26), said he was coming to Faslane to show solidarity with the Scottish people taking nonviolent action to get rid of Trident: gIf we do something for peace in our neighbourhood and country, we can solve any international problem.h


The Japanese peace campaigners will be arriving at the Faslane base (North Gate) at 10.00 a.m. Wednesday July 25, and will be available for interview. Contact Rebecca Johnson, 077 333 60955. After participating in the Faslane 365 peaceful blockades, they will attend a meeting and garden party hosted by Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre on July 27 at the Gilles College, Edinburgh. (Contact Janet/Penny for details of the Edinburgh event at, or phone 0131 2290993.) Thousands have participated and more than 880 people have been arrested since the Faslane 365 blockades started on October 1, 2006.