(2012/01/08 UPDATE)
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by Japanese We have opened up a home page to provide official support for Emi Clock.
(MSIE 5.5 or later recommended)

The copyright for Emi Clock is held entirely by Motosoft (Toshiya Moto), and is protected under the copyright laws of Japan and under international law.
Emi Clock is what is known as "Freeware." Permission for its use and distribution over networks is hereby granted without compensation.
Permission is required before including Emi Clock or related information in CD-ROMs or publishing it in magazines. Transfer to other networks is permitted.

* Emi Clock's room *
Emi Clock official support room
* Java applet room *
Java applet room (JDK 1.0.2)
* The latest version download service *
This service was finished.
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Link is free.
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