What's 'planner' ?

planner is an elisp(emacs lisp) for planning like Franklin-System by John Wiegley. Because planner is one of extension for emacs-wiki.el, you can make hyper-link very easily by emacs-wiki's markup.

What's 'planner-browser' ?

I use planner.el for my diary. Because of a mass of daily planner's file, I want to look through planner files handily. Then I tried to write small elisp like dired-mode, 'planner-browser'.

screen shot

Now, planner-browser has (humble) functions below.

How to use

Please add below to your .emacs.

(load "emacs-wiki")
(load "planner")
(load "planner-browser")

And exec by M-x planner-browser-directory.


You need below elisp(s).