Rakucho Ryokan always welcomes with the feeling that you have been greeted
by cheerful "Okaerinasai" at the entrance.

It is very convenient to go various sightseeing spots in Kyoto from Rakucho.
A nearby station (Kitaooji) is subway station and also bus terminal.
Moreover , it can go without a change to Nara by the subway

MK shuttle bus is used, it can come directly from KANSAI airport to Rakucho Ryokan.
*please contact for yourself to MK corporation

Traditional Events in Kyoto
Aoi Festival 15 May
Gion Festival 15 16 17 July
"Daimonji" Fire Festival 16 Aug
Jidai Festival 22 Oct

Kyoto Prefecture Web Site http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/en/index.html