Ikebana Lesson-Ikenobo-
in Meguro and Jiyugaoka,Tokyo

<Meguro Class >
10 minutes on foot from Meguro staition ,JR or Nanboku line (subway,meguro line)
Monday (pm 1:00~)
Thursday (pm 1:00~)
Saturday (pm 1:00~)

<Jiyugaoka Class>
2 mitutes on foot from Jiyugaoka ,Toyoko line

(including flowers' payment)

You can get your Ikebana Ikenobo license
If you will start your Ikebana lesson or have any
questions, you ask to me something in E-mail.
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*self-intrduction Kyoko Sawai
Graduated University---------------------- Tokyo Women's Christian University
Ikebana Ikenobo licence -teacher's position--- Fuku Sokatoku
garduated------------------------------- Ikenobo Central Training Institute
finished the courrse-----------------------Shoka special class
finished the courrse-----------------------Old style's Rikka special class
teaching---------------------------------Toshiba Corporation Ikenobo Ikebana Club
teaching---------------------------------Toshiba Finace Co. Ikebana Club
appointed--------------------------------Ikenobo central committee

Intrduction Ikenobo
Many different Ikenobo Ikebana styles have appeared during the over 500 years
of Ikebana history . In hictoric order,these styles include early Rikka,
early Nageire,Chabana,Shoka,Nageire,Moribana,and free style.
In summarizing this history,eary Rikka gave rise to the old style's Rikka and
new style's Rikka of today.,while early Nageire is related to contemporary
Nageire and Shoka.
Shoka advanced to old style's and new style's Shoka.
Free style Ikebana is freely and creatively arranged .
Nageire and Moribana are included free style Ikebana .
Now there are three styles in Ikenobo Ikebana ,
that is,
Rikka(old and new styles),Shoka(old and new styles) and free style.

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