I was invited to the Louisiana State University to give a masterclass
and to perform a solo recital from 24th Oct.~29th Oct.2004.
This project was sponsored by the Asian Arts Foundation.

The Louisiana State University was founded in 1895.
I was impressed by the campus.

The main entrance of the School of Music.

On every messageboard at campus I found Advertisements for my recital and Masterclass, with the title picture from my Website.

The messageboard at the front of Doublebass class.
I found a leaflet of the intl. Izuminomori Competition.
This is the professor of Louisiana University, Mrs.Yung-chiao Wei(Taiwan), she won the Izuminomori 2nd prize.
[far right poster]

I played this time on a Doublebass on loan.
This german instrument belongs to Prof.Wei.
I moved the bridge a little and changed strings
from Helicore to Pirastro.

Accompanist Mr.Lee Phillips
The accompaniment of Doublebass is very difficult,
in particular controling the balance
between the Doublebass's Solo part and the Piano.

Mr.Phillips played so well
that we didn't take much time to check them.

Yung-chiao allowed me the use of her room for almost the whole day,
for practice on her former instrument
and to check my e-mail on her computer.

My masterclass on 26th.
Because it was the first time for me teaching in english
it was very difficult.
Hsin-yi Chiu played the concerto by Vanhal.

Chao Min-tzu played a Miseck's Sonata.

Yonghao Pau, came from ShangHai
He participated in the PMF at Sapporo,Japan.
John Madere played a Minuet of the 3rd.Suite by Bach

Lee Yu-Ling
"How do you think about......."

Josue Ramirez

We took a picture with Yung-Chiao
for memories.

All students played so well.
They played with very clear, good sonority.
I was very chagrined at my poor english vocabulary.
There were many articles I wanted to teach but I couldn't.