4th Double Bass summer seminar YAMANAMI was held on August 11th -13th 2007
at YAMANAMI hall in Minami-Yamashiro,Kyoto.
4 lecturers, Murakami, Yoshida, Ikematsu, Okuda gave
32 participants private lessons, group lessons, and Bass-ensemble trainings.

40 bass players played 2 pieces, Brumby "Quartet" & Saint-Saens "Elefant",
conducted by lecturer Murakami in the final concert on August 13th.

You can also see videos of Double bass quartet by 4 lecturers
and this Double bass orchestra at You Tube on the Web.

View from the lobby of Yamanami hall.
You can practice anywhere you want.
Lecturer Murakami
Principal of Sendai Philharmonic.
Lecturer Yoshida
Principal of NHK Symphony.
Lecturer Ikematsu
Principal of New Zealand Symphony.
What are they talking about?
Pleasant time with friends
In the corner of the Yamanami Hall lobby
It looks very nice but
outside of the Hall it was
about 35 degrees Celsius.
Very hot!
It was a little hard for me
to teach unknown pieces.

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