The Double Bass summer seminar was held at Yamanami Hall
in Minami Yamashiro,Kyoto prefecture on 12th - 14th in August of 2006.
This Seminar was sponsered by Suzuki stringed instrument Co.Ltd.
and Yamamoto stringed instrument Co.Ltd., and the board of education of Minami-Yamashiro-Mura.

German professor Detmar Kurig was invited this time
in addition to three regular lecturers,Murakami,Yoshida and Me.
All 35 participants and teachers spent three hot days together,giving many lessons,concerts,a feast.

All participants played together Saint-Saens's "Elephant"
and japanese kinder tune"Elephant" in 5 parts
conducted by lecture Murakami.
This demonstration worked so well, you can watch and listen to this video
on the Web by You-tube! and also here(AVI file 91M!!)

All participants can take two lessons
with lecturers of their choice.
The view through the window of Hall's lobby
seems like a picture.
Mr.Hei played the virtuoso piece "Bottesini's Capriccio di Bravura" with marvelous technique and feeling
in the lesson with professor Kurig .
The lessons were held in four rooms simultancously and the lecturers changed
the rooms§ by rotation.
Student spent time listening to lessons of other participants or finding places to practice.
It was also great to relax
or talk with friends after practicing.
I played Bottesini's Grand Duo Concertante with my wife Akiko by Finalconcert.
The Finalconcert was held at Yamanami Hall on the last night.

Click to enlarge this image.

All lecturers played solo pieces and a Double Bass quartett.
Participants who had played already in the German orchestra played Haydn's Trio.
After that all participants played many kinds of Bassmusic, solo,Duo,Trio,Quartett,and ensembles.
After the concert we had a big party at our Hotel until midnight
It was so exciting that some people could't sleep.
Each lecturer gave group lessons on the last day.
German professor Detmar taught about
"variety of Daily exercise"
Lecturer Murakami kindly gave indvidual attension to students in the last group lesson.
The natural surroundings of Yamanami Hall are so beautifull,
that someone swam in the river!

on this Blog you also can read about this our seminar summer.

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