Under the permission of TENDER, I receive repair orders and requests for TENDER products. (of-course of my products too)

While making repair, I can walk through the history of enhancement along with the years. Now though TENDER ceased its production of creels, the enhancement ideas are still being developed in the mind of Mr. TENDER (Mr. Sadayoshi Hata).

Before repair Before repair Before repair Before repair

After repair After repair After repair After repair

Now I introduce two examples of repair,
(1) Repair of Rim
(2) Replacement of Vertical stripes and

(1) Repair of Rim

Model is 369 wide of 1992.
In addition to head bands, 10 locations of horizontal strips are broken and lengthy parent skeleton has cracks.

Before repair Before repair Before repair

After repair After repair After repair

After repair

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(2) Replacement of vertical strips (enhancement to more strong creel)

This is the model 268 right after the starting sales. Though there are some differences from nowadays in detail on width, shape of head bands, structure of horizontal strips and metal parts, entirely near shape with the current model.
There is no compatibility problems, I can enhance this creel to the latest specification. The user of this creel can add at least another 30 or 40 years life to the creel.

By a glance, it is obvious that 14 - 15 horizontal strips and parent skeletons are broken.

Fortunately head bands seems all right. But looking carefully, three vertical strips in between parent skeletons are broken at 4 locations at the part of R. I repaired this from the begining of making bottom of the basket.

Before repair Before repair Before repair

After complete decomposition, only two vertical strips survived among 9 strips. It kept the shape of basket as they were braided to each other. Though the body is protected by outer parent skeletons, the fact that this part is broken, implies that the creel completely depressed with considerable force or weight.
I reconsidered the strength of bamboo. If this was crafted with other materials such as wood or plastic, it may be broken in other shape.
Other than it would be broken and spread out, there might be a danger on the body of the fisher.

Under repair Under repair

The product then didn't use metal plate for vertical stripes. The creel is installed the added strength at this repair timing.

Added strength Added strength Added strength

It is a TENDER bamboo creel after the repair.

After repair After repair After repair

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