High performance, good feature as keeping fishes

Enough room for fishes

Basket has enough space Basket has enough space Basket has enough space

Basket has enough space (20 fishes of 8-sun (24cm) size in the smallest creel model).

Enough variation including models of boxes, which matches to your fishing style. To protect from losing fishes while you climb up the rocks, crossing streams, fish entrance has one way flaps. Box top and box is fixed by durable hook which never loosen even when you jump.

In the field

Fit with human body Fit with human body Fit with human body

One side of the basket is so curved to fit with human body like soldier's canteen to be less obstacle when you move around. It fits with human body in balance as well as it light weight. When you accidentally fall down, it can become an appropriate cushion with its elasticity. To put on the creel, there are two way of wearing.

One is for belt loop go around your body, the other is to shoulder.

Always clean through easy care

The care is easy, wash and dry after use. You can make it clean always. No odor will happen different from plastic or vinyl.

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Material to fulfill the function

(heavy cooler vs light basket) Chemical materials vs wisdom of predecessors

Material Material Material Material

The basket made of Take (and Sasa, meaning Bamboo in general in Japanese) had been used for materials of natural food keeper aiming for with less damaged and how long we can keep foods in the days of no electric refrigerator. It means that our ancestors knew through experiences that Take is the safe material for human as it is antiseptic, disinfectant, fungicidal and odor eating. Vitamin K which is included in bamboo has effects of antiseptic and disinfect. Modern cooler will decompose oil element of fishes by melted water out of ice. The bamboo basket on the other hand, its air dry effect can keep the oil element of the fish fresh. Ice will be gone after some hours, bamboo basket can cool down the inside as long as it is wet by putting entire basket under the water after an appropriate interval. Cedar wood which is used for boxes, is light weighed and has effects of fungicide and odor eating through its moisture adjustment, thus the cedar woods have been used for containers or sake barrels from old days.

Only sold bamboos were selected among more than 3 years old. Cedar wood for boxes are selected among tightly grained northern trees, with moisture adjustment. Of-course Japanese trees. Box door is compeletely water proof veneer, metal parts are free from stain problem by moisture such as stainless steel, brass, copper.

Material Material Material Material

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Durable and long life (usable along with your life time), not disposable gear

Repairable construction

Repairable construction Repairable construction Repairable construction Repairable construction

TENDER style creel is represented by its construction to accept repair requests. All the baskets and construction parts are sized strictly. Even if the creel is broken, we can completely replace any part of the creel. Different from ordinal bamboo baskets, TENDER style creel has enough durability by using such metal as duralumin at the pressure part, by adopting no folding technique of bamboo strips. Box is constructed in the same way to iron bridges, truss structure, even considering the direction of the grain, part of wood material, leaning of nails to keep the strength. You can even sit on the creel over the box if you desire.

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Beautiful shape with your enjoyable memories

Beautiful shape Beautiful shape Beautiful shape

All the strips are rounded on both side. Though entire shape is almost square, every surface is designed more or less round. No sticks inside of the basket too. No un-necessary varnishing is made on the bamboo, you can feel the beauty and taste of natural material along with your usage. The beauty with artificial varnish may lose the original beauty as soon as it is stained, scratched and lost surface glosses. Natural bamboo creel is the gear which you can love for a long time in addition to your memories of joyful fishing trips.

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